John Fairhurst Duo (UK) acoustic blues-rock

Samedi 11/08/2018 à 20h30

En exclusivité pour Bxl et la Wallonie

Selon le périodique « Acoustic Guitare Magazine USA », John Fairhurst fait partie des trois meilleurs spécialistes au monde de la guitare Résonator (ou dobro). Cet artiste traverse les influences de la musique folk-pop-rock et évidemment blues des dernières années. Il et invité des plus grands festivals européens et américains. Il a été choisi par Martin Scorse pour son film Tomorrow.

“A mutant Jimi Hendrix/Neil Young hybrid. The inspiration here comes from Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, Little

Walter and many others…over-driven guitar and Tom-Waits-dukes-it-out-with-Mark-Lanegan vocals… astonishingly powerful.” Music Riot

“John Fairhurst is the phenomenon known as the Wigan Jimi Hendrix or Claptons son…Audiences are blown away by his ability to channel Rock & Roll greats into a modern and really jumping sound.” Chris Tofu MBE- Island Records/Continental Drifts/Shangri La Glastonbury

“John is the owner of one of the deepest voices we’ve ever heard, like Captain Beefheart but even more so. In this growly blues performance he sings about the bottom of the ocean, and that’s how deep his voice is.” Classic Rock Magazine – Tracks of the week

“John Fairhurst is worth every bit of praise he’s already garnered. Capable of creating jaw- dropping moments live, he is possibly the finest guitarist you’ll ever see – and even better than that he is able to couple those skills with brilliant songwriting and a gravel-swilled bel- ter of a voice. Search him out and prepare to be stunned.” BBC Manchester – Chris Long

“Fairhurst can sound as mellow as John Martyn or as wild as Captain Beefheart growling at his most deranged” Rich Deakin – Shindig Magazine

John Fairhurst : guitare et chant / Toby Murray : drums, backing vocal

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