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Huit ans que nous attendions cette nouvelle tournée en Europe de ce génie du Chicago Blues, venu au Blues-sphere le 25/03/2015.  

Il sera en outre présent avec son propre groupe US ! 

En 2016, son album enregistré chez Alligator déchaîna les passions dans le monde du blues US et ailleurs.

Voici quelques extraits de presse :

Cannon is part of the post-’80s generation that is just as much influenced by rock as the blues. Where he separates with the rest of that pack is that Cannon puts the song ahead of the solo. 

Chicago Tribune, by James Porter 2/22/2016
Toronzo Cannon rises to the front rank of Chicago bluesmen. Cannon makes his strongest statement yet. Old School he may be in some ways, but there is nothing conventional about his songwriting.  Cannon and co-producer Bruce Iglauer have created wide-screen modern arrangements for these wry, thoughtful songs, molding an ensemble sound that’s both tempestuous and scrupulously controlled. 
Mojo Magazine, by Tony Russell, August 2016
He is just your typical CTA bus driver, who moonlights as a sought-after Chicago blues musician. As a guitarist, singer and songwriter, Toronzo Cannon drives the sound of Chicago blues from the city to blues clubs and festivals around the world. 
Chicago Tonight, March 1, 2016
Great guitar player, excellent vocalist, amazing personality. 
Joe Bonamasa
This explosive debut might just mean that Toronzo Cannon could give up his day job as a bus driver for the Chicago Transit Authority. Something tells me, though, that he may just want to hang on to it for a while longer so he can continue to tap into the pulse of Chicago’s people and derive more story material for his songs. He wrote all eleven of them for this, his Alligator Records debut. Over the last fifteen years or so, Cannon has been one of the hardest workers on the Chicago blues club circuit. Playing alongside the best and similarly ambitious blues players in the world has just continued to sharpen his skills as both a fiery guitarist and a writer with subject matter spanning pain to joy to humor…The word ‘electrifying’ characterizes every single tune in both his incendiary guitar soloing and heartfelt vocals.   

Elmore Magazine by Jim Hynes
Alligator keeps finding and recording the next generation of young blues greats. The Chicago Way marks the Alligator debut of the next great bluesman. On The Chicago Way you can see the emergence of a soulful singer and first class storyteller. Cannon does not just recycle what electric blues has been doing for 80 years. He writes about what he sees and tells stories of common experiences in uncommon ways. And then there is the powerhouse last track entitled “I Am” which is one of the strongest, most hypnotic songs written in years. A song that transcends the blues. It is just perfect. Toronzo Cannon proves that the blues is alive and well in the 21st century. Toronzo sings and writes about real life on the streets. Kudos once again to the great job being done by Alligator and its head, Bruce Iglauer.

Blurt, by Tom Callahan, April 2016

Toronzo Cannon : Guitar & Vocals / Brian Quinn : Bass guitar / Donte Phillip Burgess : Drums / Michael Strautmanis : Keys

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